Get Involved

Our team can always use more helping hands to make sure we give students the tools they need to learn and grow. We’d love to discuss with you how you can contribute!

FATE Foundation furthers the school’s educational mission through fundraising campaigns for specific school needs; the provision of grants for request and approved activities and projects in accordance with its established grant making process; and recruitment of partners, volunteers, and in-kind services. Funds will not be provided to the school or school district as general operating monies.

Donations to FATE Foundation are tax-deductible.

Donate by Credit/Debit Card

You can donate via PayPal using major credit cards. Click the button below to begin.

Donate by Check

Make checks payable to Fate Foundation, and mail to us at:

c/o Toomer Elementary
65 Rogers St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Interested in other ways to get involved?

We're always looking for more hands on support. If you're interested in other ways to get involved please contact us.